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Four Easy Ways to Increase Lung Capacity

It seems that many of my friends and family are all plagued with a deep cough these days.  Some never get sick, some have asthma.  We all know that asthma is becoming more common among children and I have friends who never had asthma as children who have developed the ailment.  I decided to look on the website for the Center for Disease Control to see what the statistic reveal.  CDC research states that in 2004 asthma was the 4th leading cause of death which is 45% higher than it was in 1980.  The incidents of asthma have risen in children under age 10.  It is know that no disease can survive in an oxygen rich environment.  Compromised lungs results in a compromised immune system.

Simple ways to increase oxygen in the system, strengthen the lungs and ultimately build a strong immune system include:

1.  Sustained Breathing Technique-Sustained breathing is a great cardiovascular workout you can do while sitting!  This is how you do it:  Inhale for a count of 8, hold the breath with air in the lungs for a count of 16, slowly release the air in the lungs for a count of 8, lastly hold the breath with no air in the lungs.  Repeat 7 times or as long as desired.  With practice, increase the counts of 8 to 16 and the counts of 16 to 32. 

2.  Oxygen Therapy-Take Liquid Stabilized Oxygen in drinking water or G2O2 capsules.

3.  Physical Activity-Swimming, brisk walking, rebounding, yoga, bicycling, dance, your favorite cardiovascular activity all increases lung capacity.

4.  Emotional Healing:  Consider Louise Hay’s theory on lung problems.  Her book, You Can Heal Your Life, states that lung issues are related to lacking the ability to taking in life and not feeling worthy to living life fully.  Her new thought pattern states, “I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life.  I lovingly live life to the fullest.”


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